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July 23, 2009


While I liked his product and his blog I actually would have preferred to see his use case slides. After your praise of how well done they were I'm eager to view them. Especially since I am currently doing some use cases for a client that are drier than sand.

Use Cases are one of those tools that really help focus a product. If you have good use case coverage you are able to use them as a sanity check for features, sure you may have a great idea for a new feature but if you can't map it back to one of your core use cases you're just adding scope creep to your project.

The amount of useful information you can derive from Use Cases is staggering. I would recommend that you have a look at one of the many processes from taking your use cases and translating them directly into code.

One of the more stripped down startup-y ones that I like is the ICONIX process. Even if you never personally write a line of code, understanding how a good software engineer can take your business use cases and quickly flesh out a working system that doesn't miss anything important (you put all the important app interactions in your use cases right?) is invaluable.

Best of luck,


Rick, good points for sure. let me know when you're out in SF

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