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August 13, 2009


The child shouldn't have put the apple in the seat pocket, but there's no reason he should take it with him either. That's what the cleaning staff are there for.

Then again, I've never been a fan of the whole dispose-of-your-own-rubbish business in Mackey D's either.


Like George Carlin said, your shit is stuff, and other people's stuff is shit.

Amen, Chris. I do luv that guy!

I am with the mom on this one. Sorry, but airlines treat the passengers like sh*t (or stuff) if you prefer, so I don't much care if the airline actually has to *work* a little bit.

The man should have just kept his opinion to himself. I personally hate it when someone else decides that they are going to be my kid's parent. Excuse me, that is my job. Unless the behavior is so outrageous as to demand a response ( think : shooting squirrels ), STFU. Furthermore, even if I was about to say something to my child, guess what -- I now defend my kid against the interfering busybody.

I want my kid to learn to say "stuft it" to pseudo-authority figures.

The latest tarmac nightmare unfolded last week on Continental Express Flight 2816 — one of those sardine-tight regional planes. After a thunderstorm diversion, 47 passengers had to spend the night on board, sealed off from the airport that waited like a mirage just beyond the windows in Rochester, Minn.

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