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August 01, 2009


"You want your toaster to have a connector where your Zune can be plugged."

Only an ex-Microsoftie would write this even as a joke! Seriously though, an Apple device would be that, an Apple device- with a level of innovation that you will never get from a tech writer kludging together a bunch of off the shelf parts and buggy open source software. It's the integration that is that hard part with a totally new device. People pay a premium for innovation and simplicity. It's not marketing on Apple's part that drives sales, it's design excellence.

@Rick --

I always diss anyone who says "XYZ will make it". If XYZ will make it, then why haven't they?

Maybe XYZ thinks the world is heading in a different direction, has other priorities, or wants to spend their effort doing something else.

So to all the people who are kibtizing -- STFU

And to all the people who dis a device because it doesn't meet *their* needs, I just laugh.

My company, Amplafi ( ), product is built without a bunch of "must-have" features because for our target market, NOT having those "must-have features" is a feature!

What does this comment have to do with this post other than a blatant plug for your company? Looks like a copy and paste commenter to me Rick- I'd delete it.

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