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September 02, 2009


For Rick's team and anyone helping with naming, here's a great resource I've used and recommended several times.

I quite frequently come up with general business names I like. This usually results in me registering the associated domain name which makes my wife very happy :)

Rick, happy to opine :)

PS., got a typo on the survey, "Please a name you'd use for a software company".

Thanks, fixed...


Rick, if you want to play name games, try using backslang. For example, call your company Trevoc, or read backwards it is Covert, which may be a great name for your very secretive venture. Don't confuse this with a palindrome - stop v pots - which may piss off the english majors.

yup, participated and I like this Doodle app too!



Here's an amusing idea from fiction - use adwords as a test run...

I do names and it's hard- virtually everything is taken and there is no point if you can't get the dot com domain and the trademark, especially for a software company. I like the backwards technique, also a word and a number a la '37signals'. Easy to pronounce, remember and protect- the critical conditions for choosing a name.

Ok, so which name won? Or better yet what name did you pick?

Software is now so broad a category as to be meaningless. It's kind of like naming a "food" company when what you sell is foie gras. Yummy Foods probably won't cut it.

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