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September 23, 2009


Welcome back to the game big guy.

I'll buy the next beer,. or apple juice or whatever.

ah! Love seeing you hard at work. Awesomesauce. Now: don't forget the power of fantastic coffee as fuel :) You would have been dead meat in pre multi-tab browser world!

yes I recall the days of being my own tech support for my firm when our server crashed and wiped out our whole database. so i called real tech support at compaq and they asked me questions like, when was the last time you rebooted the server? I answered, um, 1992?.....[long pause on phone]....'sir, that was four years ago.'

one day, rick, you'll discover your server rebooting moment. you can't do it all... ;-)

And this is precisely why it should be required for VCs to have done what you are doing now. Call it an internship. Nothing like a little character building and perspective by scraping together payroll, building a product and team, dealing with 500 things on fire right in front of you and still coming up swinging.

Best of luck with your venture.

wow..great posting Rick....and game on, eh!


Great post. Handy pointers to Odesk, etc. A friend recently used 99Designs. Fabulous process, fabulous results. Work hard, have fun!

Lifestyle business is where it's at Rick. Why don't you try it sometime.

Life's too short to be incessantly "building value". I spend most of my time with my kid. Traveling a lot (recreation, not business).

Rarely get into the office more than twice a week.

Nice work if you can get it. You VC types would hate it.


So funny to hear you recant all this. Sounds eerily familiar to the tabs currently open in my browser!

We couldn't live without Tracker. oDesk is a fabulous platform; although we currently don't employee any devs via. oDesk.

And... 99Design is a brilliantly refreshing way to get design work done fast and with MANY options.

Here's to the hustle!

Ethan Bloch

Do NOT fund a business using a mortgage on your home. That is a horrible, horrible idea. It is only slightly better than using credit cards.

Rick, I tried 99designs as you suggested. At first it seamed nice...I won the very first contest I entered...rock on!, right?
Well not so much. After doing designs for 99 Designs over the past few weeks I have had this experience:
You submit a design with no guarantee of payment (ok so im not going to put "my all" into the design) The people get you to do all this work revising your submission, "Can you change this colour, change this font" (Still no payment) Then they can decide not to award anyone the design and they get their money back! What a scam! Erin Gordon with Kim Law Advisors of San Francisco, California ( Got me to work on their logo and provide 3 different revisions, and she got 2 other designers in the same contest to do the same. Erin lets the contest close then after almost a week she decides not to award the contest to anyone and gets her money back. Thats Lawyers for you I guess, scamming the little guys trying to make a buck. I have no recourse to go after them even if they do use the logo I created for them. I do NOT recommend designer use this site. For the people looking for designs, well you may have a large advantage over your designers using 99designs but its not really a good reflection of what is available to you in the design community. Paying bargain prices get you bargain designs. Rick you know that ... garbage in ... garbage out!

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