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September 24, 2009


This is the most credible one of the bunch:

This is hilarious. What really stood out for me was that there was NO alcohol! I can't imagine even acting in something this bad without being fall down drunk -- let alone do it for real without enough booze to float a ship. Unreal. Can't wait to see the Apple ads that come out of this.

Anyone else notice the clock in the background? It jumps around between 3:30 and 5:00 all throughout the video. I thought that was the most hilarious part.


So Rick, I guess we can take you off the 'I'm hosting a Windows 7 party list' - would you reconsider?

So, Rick - wanna make me an offer to destroy every proof in my possession that you DID work there? :-)

Oh, guess I should have made this a private post... sorry. ;-)

Guilty, Dave, Guilty.. Shhhhhh!!!!!

WTF ! time to move out of the Pacific Northwest ???

Wow. This has a 'handmade in Redmond' label, right? The person who green-lighted this should be outed- they're a big part of the culture problem among the borg.

Funny Or Die have a great parody of this video...

In fact, my friend Gene DeRose (founder of HouseParty) loves it!

Happy Win 7 Day!

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