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October 12, 2009


People already share their purchase intent via status updates on twitter and facebook, so it would make sense to capture it there - building on existing behavior - rather than educating everybody about yet another site.
There's a startup called DemandSpot (of which I'm the proud founder) that does just that, and lets vendors connect with interested buyers directly on twitter.
For instance, here are people looking to rent in Florida:

I am an entrepreneur who is interested in these types of things. Have a look at our VRM demo at which meets your desire to post an invitation to accept relevant email marketing pitches. In addition, it allows you to charge vendors for your 'intention' and to remain anonymous until such time as you want to engage with a supplier.
I would be very interested in your feedback.

My wife and I recently moved from Southern California to the Dallas, Texas area. We have 2 cars and wanted to pay to ship them instead of driving both of them plus the rental truck. Our web search only led us to sites that took our information and sent it out to tons of companies who each called us on the phone! Every one of these "trucking" companies was just a broker. They were all using the same proprietary industry database system that allows drivers to bid on jobs. The only difference between quotes was how much the broker would add to what the driver charged.

Not sure if this is solved by VRM, but there has to be a better way for customers to get direct access to the drivers doing the work without being called by dozens of brokers!

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