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October 14, 2009


hilarious :-)

I think I would have to punch a VC in the face if he pulled out his phone without a word and started doing that while I was talking.

Fun times, Rick. VCs say the funniest things sometimes, no?

Uh, welcome to Silicon Valley? Lived there for four years - people don't have time for bullshit. They're driven, ambitious, and if things aren't going to work out, they move on. Not the nicest way of behaving, but it does save a lot of time-wasting.

The good news? You get used to it. The bad news? You get used to it.

I should think that Coupa Cafe would be better for this sort of stuff.

reminds me of this classic:


Coincidence I was in the Valley same week, and blocks away from Prolific on Tuesday. Wouldn't have been funny if I saw you there?
I wished there was an Oven's equivalent in Toronto- perhaps Starbucks on King/Yonge is a candidate? I know start-ups hang around there...only if we could get VC's to show-up...

Nice post.

It is striking that people don't choose to either - do these meetings in a quiet, out of the way, coffee shop without competitors (especially if it has the potential to be a good deal) or keep them deliberately short (I schedule these coffee pitch meetings at 30 minutes) or both. I can stay with anything for 30 minutes and will do so -- no Blackberry or phone, etc.

I think the discipline, attention and time management is our job (meaning the VC).

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