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November 09, 2009


Heh. I feel bad about just using the keyboard to type my notes about the conversation when I'm on the phone!

Get a Mac! :-)

Rick -- this is a variation of video taping yourself giving a presentation. I *hate* doing this -- but you learn so much by being forced to watch yourself. I need to do this more -- but I rather run naked through a rosebush.

Nose twitches, voice tones, argh! Now we can add keyboard pings and Skype pongs to our non-verbal communication.

In a way, its kind of like reading someone's mind.

I have often been tempted (and occasionally do) start speaking nonsense -- just to see if they are listening.

Next time this happens, you should start going all buzzwordy on them and see how long it takes for them to notice :-)

Hi Pat.
Im on a Mac! Watching me is slightly scarier than watching hot dogs being made.
Thanks for stopping by!

on the brighter side, maybe VC#1 was typing up your term sheet and overwriting the one he/she had prepared for what he thought earlier to be the next google :-)
.. and VC#2 was skyping his banker to see how many millions he had to spare to plunk on yours.


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