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November 24, 2009


Very interesting insights on how VCs view their investments and make their decisions/mistakes. Finding the right DNA fit is crucial for any start-up. I also agree with your suggestions of having smaller seed funds and embracing failure!

In you opinion, what would be the ideal combination of the type of VCs (banking types, entrepreneurs, gut-type etc.) in a startup fund?

@Rick --

So what was advise to SU1 & SU2? Did you tell them to walk away?

If I ever go for funding ( ha-ha ), as part of the negotiation I will point out that I as an entrepreneur have a walk-away option. Might as well explicitly state it and see the reaction it brings out.

P.S. interesting error when a poster types in half of the captcha:

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I think you need guys who have built companies, numbers guys to keep the gut guys out of trouble but mostly you need a serious mandate/support from an LP group who gets the whole start up thing. Without them, fuggettaboutit.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hey Pat!

There is always the walk away option, you are totally correct. There are a ton of scenarios where this is the right thing to do. Nice error, I've passed it on to the typepad gang.


This was right up there with any Marc Andreesen post.

Thanks very much, I appreciate the kind words. Thank you for stopping by.


Awesome post. Your writing style is very smooth, and I enjoy reading it.

Rick - great post - I'd love the opportunity of chatting with you and getting your POV on what we're building. Hopefully we can connect.


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